1. What is Kulture Media Group? 

Kulture Media Group is the parent company of Kulture News Inc as well as a number of companies in various mass media formats such as television, radio, publishing, movies, music and the internet. We operate along side our partners and several other entities providing entertainment, educational, sales of goods and other services.

2. How can I invest in a particular company? 

First you will have to be qualified in order to be granted access. Once qualified we will work with you or your representation to finalize your investment.

3. Is Kulture Media Group related to Kulture News?

Kulture Media Group is the parent company to Kulture News Inc as well as other Media companies.

4. What Kulture Media assets are attributed?

The businesses and assets attributed to Kulture Media Group are engaged in, or are ownership interests in companies that are engaged in, sales of goods and services primarily through television and radio programming, film, publishing and the internet, and currently include our subsidiaries and interest in Kulture News inc and all affiliated networks and contacts.

5. When restructuring will it be taxable? 

The issuance of the Kulture Media Group was structured not to be taxable to investors.
6. Can my investment be tax deductible?

It is possible depending on the project, event or cause.

7. Where can I find Kulture Media Group's financial statements?

Only those who hold interest in Kulture Media Group may have access to those records. If you are a shareholder you should know where to go for such information, If you did not receive this document or have misplaced this document, please refer to the contact page.

8. How can I reach Kulture Media Group for answers to additional questions?

Refer to our contact page and choose the department your inquiry is in regards to.